The first step towards your new landscape/yard renovation is the initial meeting between you and David. This consultation will last 1 hour. It will consist of a discussion of your wants and needs, a sharing of ideas, gathering of information on how you want to use the space and your budget. A walking tour of the space is also required and then David will advise you on what is possible within those parameters.

The cost of the initial consultation is $150.

2. Design

Once you decide to move forward and have Pacific Garden Design create a full scale design things really start to take shape!

To ensure as successful a design as possible, one that is custom tailored to your desires, the following ingredients are required:

    A detailed inventory of existing site conditions and characteristics is compiled. Such things as building and lot dimensions, environmental factors (sun, shade and wind exposure), elevation changes and soil conditions are all analyzed...just to name a few!
    Many photographs are taken to assist the designer once he is off site working in his office. These also act as inspiration and a great way to look back at the end of the project and truly enjoy the changes that have taken place. All information and photos are gathered in strict confidence and will not be used without the express permission of the owner of the property. All the information gathered during the site analysis, combined with the initial client meeting, forms the basis for the next phase.
    General usage of the landscape space is explored here. Such things as traffic flow, spots for plantings, and areas to build decks, retaining walls, arbours, and water features are drawn up in general terms. This is when the designers initial ideas and solutions address the clients wish-list and variables encountered while analyzing the site. The client’s opinions and input are now once again solicited and discussed. Most of the ideas are narrowed down at this phase and allows the more detailed plan to be created.
    The planting plan is the specific instructions for the installation of your landscape. Any experienced landscaper can look at this drawing and from it, build your garden to the specifications that were co-created by you and the designer. The client, with some instruction and help, could do the same. Specific plants and their exact locations are listed and drawn. Materials for hardscape elements are also listed, including details of their construction, so that they are built correctly and to specifications.

3. Installation

At the completion of the design phase, we will provide a written estimate of the cost to install the design.

Pacific Garden Design has a certified hardscape installer on staff, as well as a horticultural technician with some serious botanical knowledge.

We install our own designs, as well as any other design you may have, in a prompt, professional, and courteous manner. Our workmanship and attention to detail is second to none. We take pride in every job we do. We can quote on any size job you have to offer, from small to very large. We stand behind our work.

Landscape installations can be completed all at once, or in phases, as your finances allow.

Things to consider before calling:

  1. Research
    • Books, magazines, look at your neighbours gardens, to determine what garden style you like. Compile an assortment of pictures and photos to show the designer

  2. Wish List
    • Plant preferences – Look at such things as foliage, flowers, fragrance, privacy, and shade.
    • Hardscape elements – Do you want patios, retaining walls, water features, fencing, built-in BBQ, outdoor fireplace or propane/gas heatersGazebos, stone pathways, Pergola ...
      Irrigation systems
    • Landscape lighting
  3. Needs list
    • Drainage issues, retaining walls, privacy, easy to maintain
  4. Budget
    • Most important of all please think about the amount you would like to spend. Depending on materials and landscape elements, costs vary widely.
    • If a designer creates a landscape plan that is beyond your budget, then it is not useful to you. Similarly, if the designer designs below your budget, then you could be dissatisfied with your landscape.

Pacific Garden Design seeks to satisfy its clients by designing to the client’s budget while, at the same time, doing it in a creative and innovative way.

Give us a call (1-604-250-5728) and let us help you realize the true potential of your outdoor living space.